Our Team of Experts

We are privileged enough to work with the brightest and best when it comes to Crypto knowledge. Our team members are stationed in New York. We maintain this truth: our purpose, our prerogative, our life blood, is the art of truth-telling.

Scott Higgins
Chief Executive

Our Chief Executive over at Crypto ScoopX, Scott Higgins is a writer who possesses the skill to spot a great story when he sees one. His contribution to the team is invaluable as he shapes the manner in which news is collected and broadcasted through our website!

Gerald Moore
Content Manager- General Crypto News

Gerald Moore is a tech whiz with a knack for understanding technical regulation of the encryption techniques of cryptocurrencies. He is an avid follower of the financial markets and operations in the economy which happen separately from the central financial authorities controlling market rates – and can write and edit like a pro as well. He manages the General Crypto News section of Crypto ScoopX.

Drew Harper
Content Manager- Bitcoin News

Drew Harper's interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available around the world makes him the number one source of Bitcoin-related news reports on our team. Each one of us benefits from cross-checking facts and figures with him in order to provide maximized factual accuracy to you. He writes for the Bitcoin section of our website.

Brett Anthony
Content Manager- Blockchain News

Blockchain technology and enterprise distributed ledger technology is slowly creeping its way into the regular financial markets, and needs to be reported on as much as any of its other news counterpart. Therefore, Brett's contribution to this blog is the column he writes for where he provides all sorts of nifty information, tips and tricks, etc. to those looking into the Blockchain Technology.